Aboriginal artist Juanella McKenzie’s thank-you present to Scotland || The Times || Jul 2019
An Aboriginal artist who has campaigned against Scottish nuclear waste being dumped in her homeland has donated one of her works for display at the national museum in Edinburgh

Gaffe reveals why Sturgeon refused to meet nuclear waste protestor || The Ferret || Mar 2019
The Scottish Government has mistakenly revealed that Nicola Sturgeon refused to meet an Aboriginal nuclear waste protestor in an attempt to avoid political damage – not because she was too busy, as her officials said

Scottish ministers can stop nuclear waste dump, say advisers || The Ferret || Feb 2019
Scottish ministers have the power to halt plans to dump nuclear waste on Aboriginal land in Australia which could breach human rights, according to government advisors

Aboriginal people move to block nuclear waste transfer from Scotland || The Herald || Sep 2017
Indigenous people fight back amid fears that a shipment of nuclear waste from Scotland will be dumped on sacred land