A selection of my international journalism:

Three Nights with the Citizens of Girona || OpenDemocracy || Oct 2019
A general strike had been called across Catalonia and somewhere down there, winding through the new town on the far side of the river, a local march was building.

Witness: The La Gomera Forest Fires || The Ecologist || Jan 2017
Discussions around the effects of climate change tend to focus on the planet’s polar extremes, expanding deserts or low-lying areas. La Gomera – a subtropical forest perched more than a thousand metres above the ocean – is also at risk.

Lady Florence’s Island Legacy Lives On || The Scottish Catholic Observer || Dec 2016
James McEnaney reveals the story of the English woman who built a forest chapel on La Gomera in 1935.

Feel the Bern: Inside the Bernie Sanders Campaign || The Daily Record || Apr 2016
James McEnaney travels to Brooklyn to sample the hope-filled atmosphere that is the Bernie Sander campaign for President